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What is a Sales Funnel and How to Create One?

September 2020

What is a Sales Funnel?


Anyone running an online business needs to have a marketing and sales funnel for converting prospects into paying customers. If your business doesn't an effective funnel, making money efficiently and scaling your business operations is greatly hindered.


Simply put, a sales funnel is a system that nudges your prospective customers through each stage in the buyer's journey in order to maximize sales and profitability. In other words, think of a sales funnel as an ideal path that companies urge buyers to take when becoming customers.


In truth, it is a marketing and sales concept that has been around for decades. It accounts for the customer lifecycle stages all the way down to purchase and beyond. Even if you didn't recognize it, at some point in your life, you have definitely been entered into a sales funnel,


In a nutshell, the sales funnel represents an inverted pyramid that starts with the prospects at the top. And as the prospects interact with the funnel, only the most qualified prospects move to the next stage to become buyers at the bottom of the funnel.


How to Create a Sales Funnel


To recap, a sales funnel is a system that nudges your prospective customers through each stage in the buyer's journey in order to maximize sales and profitability. 


There are two different ways to build sales these funnel pathways for converting prospects into actual customers — think of it as the hard way and the easy way.


The hard way is the traditional method where you map out the entire strategy detailing each interaction and then build all of the necessary components manually.


It goes without saying that there is a lot of technical expertise and know-how that goes into doing this successfully from understanding your audience's behaviour, to building high converting landing pages, systematically triggering up-sells, email nurturing, and so on.


These are just a few of the many things to consider when building these complex flows thereby making the traditional way of building sales funnels a time consuming and cumbersome task riddled with trial and error.


In contrast, the easy way is to make use of software built specifically to create sales funnels for your online business.


Through the use of pre-built templates and conversion flows, software such as Kartra and ClickFunnels can help you create these high converting sales funnels with just a few clicks.


Between the 2 solutions I mentioned, Kartra is my recommendation for which is better at creating, replicating, and automating the online sales process for your business. 


It is also the tool I personally use for a variety of my businesses. 


Creating Sales Funnels in Kartra


If you do not know already, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that provides you with everything you need to create successful sales funnel campaigns.


This includes a webpage builder, CRM, membership sites, email automation, and a dozen other things you need to build a high-converting funnel. What's nice here is that you do not have to buy any of these functionalities separately when using Kartra.


More importantly though, Kartra makes it very easy for you to put all of the components together in a strategic way that's proven to convert your customers. 


The sales funnel software provides you with ready-made templates that you can use immediately and customize according to your requirements. Once you deploy the built-in campaigns, Kartra will import all assets for you to configure in an easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial.


Each step in the tutorials are accompanied by short-explainer videos that help you to understand the workings of that specific sales funnel sequence and how to best leverage them.


Kartra also lets you run multiple funnels at one time and features dozens of templates for practically any use case. For instance, you can use the list builder funnel for growing your email list. If you are selling a book, you can create a sales funnel using the book funnel campaign. Likewise, if you're launching a product, the product launch campaign is going to be perfect for you.


This is the beauty of Kartra. You can easily create high converting funnels for each of your products, services or business growth goals with a fraction of the time of doing it all manually.


Check out our "What is Kartra?" blog post if you want a deeper look at everything Kartra has to offer. 


Kartra Trial and Pricing


If you're curious about Kartra's pricing, we have a whole article dedicated to the various plans. We also take a deep dive into the value it provides and analyze what it would cost to get comparable point solution software to match the functionality it offers. 


But the best way to see if Kartra is a good fit for your business is to try it risk free. Check out this little trick to instantly double your trial and get 30-days for just $1.


Final Thoughts

Even the most experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur finds it difficult to do everything from scratch and there is a lot to be said for having the right tools for the job.


You don't need Kartra to build sales and marketing funnels but having it will make your life a whole lot easier and make your business much more effective faster. 

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