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Kartra Pricing Plans and Packages

September 2020

How Much Does Kartra Cost?


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool that provides you with everything that you need to launch and run your online business.


In today's fast-paced market environment, trying to learn and integrate several applications to run an online business is not advisable.


But if you have come to this point then you are probably already considering Kartra and the several useful features that it has to offer to solve these challenges.


As with everything though, price still remains a crucial factor in the decision-making process and in this article, we will be breaking down the different pricing plans Kartra offers and also analyzing the overall value it provides.


Finally, we'll provide criteria for whom Kartra is for and then close out with some final thoughts.


Pricing Tiers


Kartra has four different pricing tiers - Starter, Silver, Gold, and Premium.

  1. Starter - $99 per month
  2. Silver - $199 per month
  3. Gold - $299 per month
  4. Platinum - $499 per month

Kartra also provides up to a 25% discount for annual subscription plans. 


One thing that really stands out with Kartra is that even the lowest tier package offers all of the features except the agency feature (something only a few businesses would need anyways).


In comparison, something like ClickFunnels requires you to upgrade to the $299 plan just to get the email autoresponder functionality!


The major difference between the four pricing plans is the number of leads and domains offered. We'll go over each one of these in more detail below.


1. Kartra Starter Plan - $99 per month


The Starter plan is the best choice if you are just starting out or have a low client volume business with up to 2500 leads.


There are other limitations such as being able to send up to 15,000 emails per month, 20 products, 50 GB of bandwidth and so on. Depending on your needs and usage, you may never exceed these limitations so it may be a moot point. 


Having said that, you can only manage one site with the Starter plan as it offers only 1 domain and a 100 landing pages. So if you're looking to run multiple sites with 1 Kartra instance, you may need at least the silver plan.


2. Kartra Silver Plan - $199 per month


The Silver plan is a good choice for growing businesses with leads under 12,500.


Moreover, if you are running an agency, the now included agency feature allows you to build and manage multiple client Kartra instances from a central dashboard!


You also get 3 custom domains to run multiple sites of your own and unlimited of everything including emails, pages, bandwidth, and videos among other things.


3. Gold Plan - $299 per month


The Gold plan is more suitable for mid-volume operations with up to 25,000 leads.


This package also offers the Agency feature which is not available in the Starter plan.


Moreover, the Gold plan provides you with 5 custom domains, along with unlimited of everything such as emails, pages, bandwidth, and videos among other things.


4. Platinum Plan - $499 per month


The Platinum plan is the most costly of all the packages and is ideal for high-volume businesses with up to 50,000 leads.


Apart from the 10 custom domains, you get everything that is available with the Gold plan including the Agency feature.


Your choice of which plan is best for you is largely dependent upon the scale of your business. As the number of leads for your business increases, Kartra can scale with you as you move to the next pricing tier.


At this point you might be wondering how Kartra's pricing stacks up to other solutions in the market. Let's take a closer look at this in the next section.

Kartra Value Comparison


Now let's compare Kartra's features against similar offerings by other individual solution providers. The table below details each of these comparable solutions along with their pricing.


It's important to note that all of these prices are for the most basic paid plan offered by each of the competing providers. 


If you add up the prices of all the basic packages listed above, it will easily cost you around $300 per month (not even including the costs of integrations). Contrasting that with Kartra, the basic package with more integrated functionality costs only $99 per month.


The 2nd major difference between Kartra and all of these comparable solutions is the fact that Kartra is an all-in-one platform. This means that not only are all of the features listed available in Kartra but they can also can share data between each other.


In comparison, solutions such as Wix and Mailchimp are products that are used for a specific purpose. For instance, you can use Wix only for developing websites and not for email marketing. Whereas, you can use Mailchimp for email marketing and not for developing websites.


However, with Kartra you can do all that and more in one place.


Lastly, and most importantly, Kartra has built-in, 1-click campaigns that allow you to bring all of these tools together in a strategic way to drive the results you want. No other platform featured here can do that. Period.  


Who is Kartra for?


It makes a lot of sense to invest in Kartra if you need three or more of the functionalities listed in the table above. At that point, your costs would be comparable and with Kartra you would be getting a ton more functionality at no additional cost. 


Moreover, if you are looking to grow your business seriously over a long period of time, Kartra is a great investment - both in terms of money and the effort required to learn the tool. Rather than learning different tools for different functionalities, you can learn one tool to perform everything that can scale with you overtime. 


Who I would not recommend Kartra to is someone who is just experimenting with a business idea and are yet to validate it or fully commit. 


If you're in this situation and are just testing the waters, Kartra may honestly just be overkill and you might be able to get away with using a couple of freemium services as you prove things out and try and get your first bit of revenue.

Final Thoughts


If you are on a paid plan for three or more tools, you will find that paying for a single tool that offers everything is much cheaper, more efficient, and scalable in the long run.


Having said that, the best way to figure out if Kartra is right for your business is to try it for yourself. Kartra currently offers a limited-time trial that you can try out for as low as $1.


So before you commit to one of the paid plans, get your hands on the platform, and see if it really works for you.

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