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What is Kartra? 

September 2020

Kartra Overview


Kartra is a fully integrated software solution that allows you to create, market, and launch online businesses.


For new marketers or entrepreneurs with little to no technical experience, investing in a platform like Kartra is an ideal solution.


Kartra differs from other marketing platforms and funnel software because it offers a whole-package approach.


This means that it provides an all-in-one business platform that allows you to build landing pages, membership sites, online courses, sales funnels, email campaigns, e-commerce stores and more in one place.


Therefore, rather than switching between platforms to perform different functions, you can have one platform to manage your online business more efficiently and effectively.


The main benefits Kartra provides are:

  1. Integration and coordination of linked campaigns between all of its tools as all data is housed in one central platform
  2. The ability to create “1-Click, done for you campaigns” that import a number of pre-made high converting funnels

The main features include:

  1. E-commerce
  2. CRM
  3. Webpages and landing pages
  4. Email automation
  5. Funnels and campaigns
  6. Membership (recurring revenue) sites
  7. Interactive videos
  8. Helpdesk
  9. Calendar
  10. Forms
  11. Affiliate management
  12. Agency management

Kartra Features


Now that you understand what is Kartra and what it is used for, let us take a closer look at some of the useful features it offers.


1. Website and Landing Page Builder


You cannot run an effective online business without a website and high-converting landing pages.


With its simple drag and drop interface, Kartra page builder lets you create amazing websites and landing pages without any technical experience.


Kartra also provides you with ready-made templates for almost any type of page you need to promote your products and services.


Home pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages are just a few of the dozens of variants available.


All you need to do is select your template and spend a few minutes editing the various sections using the intuitive visual editor. 


2. Course and Membership Platform


Karta is one of the best platforms if you offer online courses and memberships to your customers.


Using the membership portal you can easily build online course content, manage all your enrollees, track progress, collect and manage payments, moderate discussions and more!


The platform makes it easy for you to broadcast content seamlessly. Moreover, Kartra's automation features allow you to offer the entire course at once or reveal it module by module if needed.


And just like everything else in Kartra, there are dozens of professionally designed, click-to-edit templates that you can use to build your course or membership portal faster!


3. Email Marketing


Kartra's email marketing stands up to some of the best standalone solutions in the industry.

The intuitive email builder complete with dozens of different templates and lets you create customizable emails with components such as headings, images, videos, testimonials, call-to-actions, buttons, and more.


The visual automation tree lets you set numerous rules and conditions based on interactions with any other tool within Kartra allowing you to do some truly impressive things practically no other system can do.


For example, you could automatically send a set of emails to just people who watched half of one of your videos!


You can also segment your email list to provide tailored communication to people based on their behavior, perform split-tests, send SMS messages, and much more. 


And all of this comes with deep attribution analytics to help you figure out what's working and which emails translated into sales. 


4. Video Hosting


Kartra is also quite popular for its interactive video capabilities. This feature allows you to host videos on your site directly from within Kartra rather than having to use YouTube, Vimeo or another platform.


The player can also be customized to match your brand colors and can even include logos and watermarks.


The best part about though is Kartra lets you trigger opt-in forms, share-to-watch buttons, timed checkouts, call-to-actions all from right within the videos. 


You can also tag your viewers based on video activity to trigger personalized webpages, offers, and email sequences. 


5. Funnel Builder (1-Click Campaigns)


Saving the best for last! Probably Kartra's most impressive feature is how it incorporates everything into its sales funnel campaigns.


Using the funnel builder feature, you can easily connect all the different pieces you've built into a cohesive campaign that ties together pages, checkout options, opt-in forms, videos, emails, subscriptions, and much more.


This helps you optimize the journey and value of each visitor, prospect, and customer!


Kartra also has dozens of done-for-you 1-click campaigns. These campaigns feature tried and true pre-built campaigns complete with assets and all the connecting logic that can be imported and used right away.


There is a campaign for practically any use case from complex product launches to simple email list building. 


Once you import one of the in-built marketing campaigns, Kartra will build the entire flow itself within a few seconds. You do not have spent hours building complex sequences.


Moreover, each of their campaigns includes a short explainer video showing you exactly what the campaign will do for you and how it will work. However, Karta also gives you the flexibility to modify these campaigns to tweak anything you like to better fit your exact needs.


Kartra Pricing


Many entrepreneurs are still spending hundreds to thousands of dollars every month for half a dozen or more software tools (including the costs of integrating them) in attempts to run their online business.


Rather than wasting your valuable time, money, and resources on different platforms, Kartra provides you with a versatile solution to execute everything you need under one roof.


At present, there are four different pricing options ranging from $99 to $499 per month:

  1. Starter - $99 per month
  2. Silver - $199 per month
  3. Gold - $299 per month
  4. Platinum - $499 per month

Kartra also provides up to a 25% discount for annual subscription plans. 


We've created the analysis below to compare what it would cost to get somewhat comparable software (not even including the additional cost of integrations) equivalent to Kartra's $99 plan.


As you can see, Kartra provides an unmatched value for all the functionality it provides.


Final Thoughts


Kartra is an excellent platform that can save you a ton of time and money.


It is an all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform that gives you practically everything you need to run a successful online business. 


I highly encourage you to give Kartra a try. You can get started for just $1. 

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